Mumbai Travel Guide – It’s hot, grimy, insane, lovely, steady and rousing!

Need to design a crushing Mumbai travel guide, however don’t have the foggiest idea of Mumbai tour where to start? If you wish to encounter the rich culture and legacy of ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ precisely in the manner in which you like, then you have landed at the perfect spot. Don’t worry. This Mumbai travel guide blog has responses to all of your travel queries. Sightseeing places, day tours in Mumbai, packages and so many other things.


Mumbai is the city where dreams are made and satisfied! From jam packed train journeys to the popular Dabbawalas, the city where there are multi-millionaire tycoons to artist like Divine from rural ghettos making it big into the rap game internationally, the stunning Bollywood to the quintessential vada pav and sev puri; the uniqueness of Mumbai is beyond anything describable where both day tour and night tour has its own beauty .If you are planning an outing to Mumbai, we ensure you do the best things to do in Mumbai and hub spots to drench the intriguing ascending of this city. To make your outing simple and hassle free, we present to you the list of huge spots to visit in Mumbai, which will make you experience enthusiastic expressions of warmth for this ludicrous city again and again.

Divine - A rap artist from the slums of Mumbai
Vada Pav - Mumbai's famous fast food
Dabbawala - Mumbai's extra ordinary tiffin delivery system

Earlier during the period of British Era Mumbai was also known as Bombay. Mumbai being the country’s most crowded city, is India’s focal point of monetary and business establishments. Established in an antiquated settlement, Mumbai got its name from the goddess Mumbadevi, the patron Hindu goddess of the Maratha community.

Goddess Mumba Devi
Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The Best Time To Visit Bombay in 2022

It appears to be a legit reason why voyagers consider Mumbai to be the best city as it is here that you can truly find the symbolism of unity is oneness where people from different caste, religion and creed come together to celebrate different festivals. It is the place where good food connects the heart between two international travellers. It is a place that welcomes you with an open arm which will make you to not leave this city ever again!

Most voyagers lean toward the cold weather a long time from November to February as the best and ideal opportunity to visit Mumbai. During this period, the environment falls into a lovely normal of 17-28 degrees Celsius.

• The mid year months from March to May is likewise an optimal season, albeit the climate is a piece hotter averaging from the mid-20s to high 30s.

• The months from June to October are the wet season, where Mumbai’s city encounters weighty rains most days and gets overwhelmed a few times each season.

Best Places To Visit In Bombay 2022

The Gateway Of India

Built as an inviting signal to King George V and Queen Mary in 1911, this 26-meter basalt passage charms guests with its delightful combination of Indo-Saracenic and Muslim engineering. Arranged on the banks of the Arabian Sea, it is a well known objective among local people and vacationers in Mumbai. We Indians got independence on 15th August 1947, but the last troops of British left India on 28th February 1948. The last troop of British left India from this Gate. So it’s a memorable gate for India.

Gateway of India in 2022, opened after the pandemic for the tourists
The last troops of British leaving India in 1948 from Gateway of India

Marine Drive - The Queen's Necklace of the city

Extravagant a mobile investigation of Mumbai? Then, at that point, get going at the 3.6 – Kilometer long avenue known as the Marine Drive. You can observe the Arabian Sea’s fabulous dusk and the imperishable brilliance of Art Deco Buildings on the opposite side of Marine Drive. This is one of the must things to do in Mumbai. The whole stretch is in an arc form and in the night time when the yellow street lights turn on, this arc looks like a necklace from a far view. Marine drive is also known as the Necklace of Bombay.
The best an ideal opportunity to come is additionally during dusk and cap your encounter with a banquet of Mumbai’s street food at Girgaon Chowpatty which is at the northern exit of Marine drive which further connects to Malabar Hill – The richest neighbourhood of the city.

Morning View
Sunset View
Night View

Girgaon Chowpatty - The South Bombay Beach

Girgaon Chowpatty is one of the most renowned sea shores in Mumbai. Situated in the core of the city, this ocean side is generally famous for its neighbourhood rarities which the vast majority appreciate at whatever point they visit Chowpatty Beach. Watching the superb nightfalls from this ocean side is a sight worth seeing!
This ocean side is a retreat from a dreary daily schedule for some. A great many people visit this ocean side to unwind following a long, tiring day. Individuals of all age-bunches come here to partake in the beautiful magnificence presented by the ocean side. The ocean, enhanced by its significant length of white sand notwithstanding the brilliant sky above, resembles a wonderful dream for any individual who visits this ocean side. One can observe ocean side merchants selling inflatables, toys and nearby dishes, for example, zesty crude mango, simmered peanuts and Mumbai street food (or chaats).
Sightseers who visit Mumbai make it a highlight visit this ocean side to encounter the quiet and peaceful climate. Individuals come here with their loved ones to spend a few hours on this loosening up spot. A walk around Mumbai’s Chowpatty will promise you an encounter that should not be underestimated.

Morning View
Sunset View
Night View

The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The construction of this beautiful structure built in Indo – Saracenic Revival style was completed & opened for guests on 16th December 1903. It’s a heritage, five star luxury hotel in India with breath taking view of Arabian sea and Gateway of India. You can either stay here on the off chance that you have additional movement cash to spend or simply accept a magnificent snap as the lodging’s renaissance architecture is an attractive subject. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel’s windowed exterior’s example and configuration make it a famous vacationer location. A while later, you can likewise really look at the lodging’s provincial style café or partake in an evening tea at Sea Lounge.

Evening Drone View
Luxury Room Interior
View From Gateway of India

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus)

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station is one of only a handful of exceptional train stations with an UNESCO World Heritage Site differentiation. Supposed to be the world’s most active railroad station, be awed by its voluminous horde of workers as well as by its noteworthy Italian-Gothic Architecture. Since its development in 1888, it has since turned into the city’s premier image. It was a marvellous example of two cultures, as the British architects worked with the Indian craftsmen to include the Indian architectural idioms and tradition thus forging a new unique style to Mumbai. The construction started in 1878 & it took ten years to build this terminus. The first train in India was driven from Queen Victoria Terminus to Thane station. Everyday around 2 million people uses Mumbai’s local train services.  

Queen Victoria Terminus, Mumbai
Busy Hours In Mumbai Station

Crawford Market

A bustling commercial center since the last part of the 1860s, Crawford Market in South Mumbai has a Gothic person loaded down with slows down that sells nearly everything without exception. Likewise known by its post-Indian Independence name of Jyotiba Phule Mandai Market, this is the best spot to look for natural products, vegetables, and nuts at a lower cost. Crawford market was the first building in Mumbai to get electricity. Crawford market was the main junction to sell cotton and spices during the British era.


Colaba Causeway Street

This is one more well known market regularly visited by both local people and guests to the city. Colaba Causeway is the place where you can observe slows down selling shining adornments, marked and impersonation garments, classical pieces, and nearly anything that considers an entrancing thing to purchase, all at a decent cost. There are additionally a few bistros and bars (Leopold Cafe, Cafe Mondegar, Mac’Donalds) situated here where you can unwind and have a beverage while you rest from a day of shopping and bartering. Make sure you bargain for everything you buy here at Colaba Causeway Street. 


Raja Bai Clock Tower - The Local Big Ben of India

Propelled by London’s Big Ben. If we expected to look for Harry Potter’s shooting regions in Mumbai, then, the University of Mumbai Fort Campus would be our choice for all of the scenes happening at Hogwarts. What especially makes this spot worth a visit, is the similarity shared by the various zeniths of Hogwarts with the 196 ft tall Rajabai Tower, arranged on its premises. Offering a 360-degree viewpoint on its ecological variables, the complicated designing of this nineteenth-century clock tower was arranged by Sir Gilbert Scott at a normal cost of ₹2 lakh, which was point of fact a massive total in those days. So could we explore the authentic scenery of this famous traveler structure that was the tallest design of this moment is the best opportunity!


Bombay High Court

One generally wouldn’t truly want to focus intently on the court with the exception of in the event that one is a lawyer, or again if the court being alluded to is the Bombay High Court, which has an astounding legal and building inheritance. By and by, anyone can take a visit through this incredible, almost castle like development consideration coordinated visits, facilitated by Maharashtra’s Directorate of Tourism. Bombay high court is just next to Mumbai University building. You can see the full Bombay high court from the Oval Cricket Ground.


Oval Cricket Ground - Birth Place of Cricket in India

The Oval Maidan has been given Grade-1 legacy status. Habitually amassed with bundles playing cricket it is circumnavigated by UNESCO ensured Art deco structures on one side and Victorian gothic plans unexpectedly side. There is a fantastic way all around the redirection area and a pleasing walk gives you a fast raised perspective of some phenomenal piece of compositional wonder and history. This was the 1st place in India, where the British played cricket for the very 1st time in India. It is named because of its oval shape. The ground measures 22 acres in total.


Mani Bhavan - Gandhi's House in Mumbai

Gandhi House additionally called “Mani Bhavan”, was Mahatma Gandhi’s Mumbai central command for around 17 years – from 1917-1934. It is here Gandhiji established the framework for some autonomy developments like Non-Cooperation, Satyagraha, Swadeshi, Khadi and Khilafat development. Mani Bhavan is a historical center which the guests can visit to see Mahatma Gandhi’s photos portraying his life drives, the room that Gandhi utilised during his visit here is on the subsequent floor – there is a glass segment and individuals can see through two of his turning wheels, a book and floor bed actually safeguarded.


Flora Fountain

The Flora Fountain is Mumbai’s most huge voyager achievement. Recorded on the World Heritage List, this milestone was presented by the Agri-Horticultural Society of Western India. Travellers who come to Mumbai for the most part try to examine this astounding milestone considering its brilliant turn of events, rich nurseries, Apart from visiting, one can in like manner contribute energy searching for neighbourhood gets a kick out of this spot. The wellspring is illuminated around evening time and offers the most shocking point of view to travellers.

Dhobhi Ghat - Open Air Washing Laundry

Dhobi Ghat, a 140 years old external laundromat, is such a wonder of Mumbai. A standard outdoors clothing, where clothes are at this point washed in gigantic external pools. Dhobis (Washerman) get clothing from the great piece of the general population, hotels and clinical facilities. Wash, iron and bring it back. A hard real work. It was created in 1890. There were sections of outside significant wash pens, each fitted with its own beating stone. Called the world’s greatest external clothing, Dhobi Ghat is an incredibly notable interest among foreign travellers.


Save this Mumbai Travel Guide for your Mumbai Tour!

It’s essentially criminal not to visit Mumbai accepting you come to India. It encapsulates all that India is. It will stir you, frustrate you, affront every one of your faculties and you’ll cherish it even more! I’ve recently covered an area of the city in this assistant and the elements will be obviously appropriate for your first time traveling here. Nonetheless, there is quite a lot more of this amazing places to explore like for Mumbai city sight seeing and for places where you can have extreme fun. Guarantee you add Mumbai to your unending rundown of should-dos and slow down in.

How to do full Mumbai Sightseeing Tour?

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